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Dear Food Connection Family,

If I had to pick a BEST part of my job, I would say getting to eat leftovers from one of Chef Tanya’s cooking classes for lunch the next day. Right after that, however, it would be the incredible network of farmers, chefs, thinkers, do-ers, and eaters that I have the opportunity to connect with on a regular basis through our events and programs. The ideas and conversations we share in both formal and informal settings challenge me think both deeper and more broadly about the role and value of local and sustainable food systems across the many dimensions of our world. This blog is an opportunity to share some of the experiences and conversations that really made me think with a wider audience, and not keep all the ‘good stuff’ to myself.

None of what I share here is meant as definitive or infallible, but rather a space to explore some of the complicated and messy aspects of the work and study of food systems. If you have thoughts of your own you’d like to share I welcome you to continue the conversation with me via email ( or stop by for coffee someday… we’ve always got a fresh pot going.


Dr. Lilian Brislen,

TFC Executive Director