Value Chain Coordination is an approach to food system development that seeks to connect the existing dots within our food system (farmers, distributors, processors, food entrepreneurs, institutions) and identify both key gaps in existing infrastructure or services and opportunities for high impact investment.

To this end, we work to convene key players in the food value chain to share information, opportunities, and strategize how to address identified barriers to a robust regional food system. The focus of our work is to start with connecting and supporting the expansion of existing food system enterprises: identify opportunities to connect businesses for shared gain; identify and overcome logistic and regulatory; and generally working with producers or other food-based businesses to 'grease the skids' of enterprise.

Through initiatives like our Cultivate Kentucky Partnership, we bring together state-wide alliances of farm-to-table coordinators, service providers, government employees, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and university representatives seeking to forge a strategic path forward for food system development that allows us to leverage each other's hard work rather than duplicate efforts.

Pictured: Visiting a cattle ranch in North Eastern Kentucky to explore new entrepreneurial ventures in meat processing.