As part of our mission to promote vibrant and sustainable food and farm systems in Kentucky, we work with on and off-campus partners to develop and deliver kitchen-based programs that foster learning related to local and sustainable food systems from farm to fork.

We offer the following class formats:

  • Basic meeting (drink service only, no food,1-3 hours, maximum capacity 45) - A meeting of a university organization related to food or food systems, a Food Connection strategic partner, or other food systems related event, $36 flat fee.
  • Basic local food systems lecture (drink service, food sample, 50 - 75 minutes, classroom setup, max capacity 45) - Food systems lecture by Dr. Brislen (or invited guest lecturer) customized to disciplinary emphasis and a 1-2 bite sample provided by Chef Tanya that complements the lecture. No hands on experience. $75 flat fee.
  • Seasonal local food demo (off-site ONLY, food sample, 1 – 2 hours, 50 – 100 portions) – Local seasonal cooking demonstration by Chef Tanya outside the Food Connection kitchen. Recipes and a 1-2 bite sample provided. $150 flat fee.
  • Short hands-on local food cooking class (drink service, one small serving of a dish, 50-75 minutes, max capacity 25) - A brief introduction to the work of The Food Connection (or other topical emphasis), and all guests participate in creating one shared dish using local and seasonal foods. Interactive hands on experience for participants. $265 flat fee. 
  • Full hands-on local food cooking class (drink service, 3-4 dish meal, 2-3 hours, max capacity 25) - A brief introduction to the Food Connection and kitchen and food safety followed by a hands-on cooking class emphasizing local and seasonal ingredients. All guests sit down together to a meal at the end of class. Interactive hands on experience for all participants. $625 flat fee.


To request to join us in the Learning Kitchen, please prepare to indicate the type of event, date options, and any special topics or themes you with to explore. On and off-campus organizations are welcome to submit requests.

We prioritize working with events that support our mission of promoting engagement and study of local and sustainable food systems.

The kitchen is available for events Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. The Food Connection schedules many of our own events throughout semesters so please have several dates in mind for your event.

We keep a kitchen schedule, so if you need access to the kitchen prior to your event please include those times in your scheduling request.  

Apply for an event

To view all of our Kitchen Use Policies, please refer to this document. If you have questions prior to submitting your application, please email

Other Food-Related Services

Please note: The Food Connection learning kitchen is not available solely as a rental/event space and we do not offer catering services. If our offerings do not fit your needs, there are a number of other campus services and facilities that may be of use:

To view all of our Kitchen Use Policies, please refer to this document. If you have questions prior to submitting your application, please email

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