Fall 2020 Update

In contemplating the return to campus of our students, faculty, and staff, the Food Connection has reviewed CDC and EPA guidelines, state mandates, and the university’s Playbook for Reinvented Operations. After considering the advice contained in these sources, the Food Connection has made the following decisions regarding events available for the Fall 2020 semester.

With the health and safety of our on- and off-campus communities in mind, we have decided to limit hands-on cooking classes to a choice of 2 different virtual experiences. One in-person event type is still available, a passive cooking demonstration led by Chef Tanya that participants watch. Please be advised that for this type of class numbers are limited and only prepackaged samples will be provided after the demonstration.

We will continue to monitor any changes in the health of our community, the recommendations made by experts, and the availability of treatments and vaccines as we move forward into an academic year like no other. As always, we will communicate any updates to you, our faithful colleagues and participants. We look forward to a day when we can gather around a table with you again and eat a meal we have prepared together. Until then, please share with us, from a distance please, how you are cooking and eating during this time. Take advantage of the offerings we have available now and keep an eye out for other skills, hints, tips, hacks, and tricks we’ll share.

Virtual Experience:

  1. Hands-on interactive synchronous cooking class via Zoom, up to 100 participants, 1 – 1.5 hours, $150.
  2. Passive cooking demonstration via Facebook Live or YouTube live, unlimited participants, 45 minutes – 1 hour, $75.

In-Person Experience:

  1. Passive food demonstration by Chef Tanya with a pre-packaged sample of the demonstrated dish available, 12 participants maximum seated 6 feet apart, 50 – 75 minutes, $150.


To request to join us in the Learning Kitchen, please prepare to indicate the type of event, date options, and any special topics or themes you with to explore. On and off-campus organizations are welcome to submit requests.

We prioritize working with events that support our mission of promoting engagement and study of local and sustainable food systems.

The kitchen is available for events Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. The Food Connection schedules many of our own events throughout semesters so please have several dates in mind for your event.

We keep a kitchen schedule, so if you need access to the kitchen prior to your event please include those times in your scheduling request.  

Apply for an event

To view all of our Kitchen Use Policies, please refer to this document. If you have questions prior to submitting your application, please email foodconnection@uky.edu.

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