Board of Directors: The Board reviews and approves The Food Connection’s vision and strategic plan, the annual budget, the appointment of professional staff, and annual and other reports.  Appointments are for two years, renewable.  Membership includes:

  • Dean of CAFE or designee
  • UK Dining Resident Manager or designee
  • Executive Director of Finance & Administration designee
  • UK Food Connection Faculty Director
  • UK Food Connection Executive Director (ex officio)

The dean of CAFE supervises the faculty director, and may designate the supervisor for the executive director.  The board of directors reviews and approves staff appointment and performance evaluation.

The executive director  is a full-time professional dedicated to the management and implementation of The Food Connection and programs.

The faculty director is a part-time appointment.  The faculty director provides academic and scholarly leadership and vision, and is a renewable, two-year appointment.

An advisory committee, chaired by the faculty director, provides guidance for programs an initiatives.  will be established to provide guidance of programs and initiatives. Approximately 10 to15 members are appointed to two year renewable terms by the dean in consultation with the board of directors.  Members include a majority of faculty representing the campus wide interests in food systems.  Staff and partner organizations may be included.

You can contact the Food Connection at or email Lilian Brislen directly at

Board of Directors

  • Dean Nancy Cox, CAFE
  • Jonathan Parker, UK Dining
  • Melody Flowers, Representing the Executive VP for Finance and Administration
  • Scott Smith, Faculty Director

Executive Director

  • Lilian Brislen

Advisory Board

  • Sandra Bastin
  • Kristen Branscum
  • Scott Henry
  • Ann Kingsolver
  • Lee Meyer
  • Melissa Newman
  • Lynn Robbins
  • Carol Spence
  • Keiko Tanaka
  • Leisha Vance
  • Ashton Potter Wright