Through preparing and eating sustainably sourced food, Gathering at the Table brings together food systems experts from the University of Kentucky, passionate student leaders from Campus Kitchen, food justice advocates from Fresh Stop Markets, and eaters of all kinds from the community to grow a sustainable, community food system. 

Gathering at the Table includes a two-fold approach:

  • Chef Tanya Whitehouse of The Food Connection will train both student and community leaders as “Emersion Chefs” with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to deliver cooking demonstrations with local, sustainably sourced ingredients, and thereby spread that knowledge to others.
  • These culinary leaders will partner with the Campus Kitchen at the University of Kentucky to host a series of Food Justice dinners in which attendees 'pay what they can' for a local, sustainably sourced and healthful meal accompanied by dialogue related to food justice and security. Revenue from dinners will serve as seed money to fund for future purchases of produce from farms that would otherwise go to waste; thereby enriching the farm economy. 

By engaging a diversity of on- and off-campus community members in experiential learning and informed dialogue, Gathering at the Table ‘connects the dots’ between sustainable food production, vibrant food economies, and social justice to establish leaders of a thriving community food system.

How to get involved:

Emersion Chef trainings and Food Justice Dinners will take place during the spring, summer and fall of 2017.